A few weeks ago, Google began testing out an advertising system that would let advertisers spend more time on the homepage and less on other parts of the site.

Advertisers would have to spend less time on social and other advertising channels.

Today, Google has announced that the company is expanding the system to a full redesign of its entire ad platform.

The company is calling the new redesign “the most aggressive redesign ever done for Google Ads.” 

The company says that this new design, called the “Ads Everywhere,” will make it easier for advertisers to reach audiences across multiple platforms, including mobile, tablet, desktop, and the web.

Ads Everywhere will also enable advertisers to make more targeted ads, so that they can reach their audience more easily. 

But this new redesign is a lot more than just another redesign.

The new design also brings a lot of new features to the table.

One of the biggest changes is the new AdSense platform.

Ads will be paid for with AdSense, Google’s revenue-sharing platform, rather than the current ad-only model.

This means that the ads on the web will now be paid with the AdSense service rather than a pay-per-click model.

It’s also a big deal that the platform is now called AdSense Everywhere, rather of the old AdSense network. 

This new system will also give advertisers a new way to make money from their ads.

The ads will now have a way to earn money by using ad units, which are ads that appear on Google search results.

This gives advertisers more control over the ads that they run on their site. 

Google also says that ads will be “fully supported by the Google Analytics API,” meaning that Google will be able to provide them to advertisers.

The AdSense and Analytics APIs will make Google’s system more efficient, Google says, so advertisers can spend less on ads. 

Another new feature in the new system is a new tool that allows advertisers to set the maximum number of impressions they can spend on a website.

This new feature allows advertisers more flexibility when they want to show more than one advertisement to a particular audience. 

For more, check out Google’s announcement: https://www.google.com/news/press-release/google-announces-ad-advertising-system-new-look-for-google-ads-platform-update-and-recovery


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