DELAWARE — Delaware Gov.

Jack Markell said Thursday that he plans to sign a bill that would pay the league $2.8 million a year for its television rights.

Markell, who was a guest on SiriusXM radio on Thursday, said the deal is contingent on the league agreeing to move to Delaware.

Delaware, home to the NFL’s Delaware facility, has a long history of hosting the annual NFL draft, the first-ever event in the state.

The draft takes place Feb. 17 in Newark, which is also home to Newark University.

Markel also said that he would like to see the state’s television market be more competitive and wants to be in position to negotiate a similar deal with other leagues.

Markell is expected to sign the bill into law after the Feb. 24 meeting with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Delaware is the first state to pass such a bill.

Markels signing statement did not say whether he would be seeking reelection next year.