There’s a lot of uncertainty about how much Americans are paying for their health insurance, but a new report shows that the states with the highest rates of bankruptcies are also among the states that offer the least affordable coverage.

The report, from the Center for Responsive Politics, found that the average premium in a state is $3,000 a year for individuals and $6,600 for families.

That compares to $10,800 in Arizona, $14,900 in Louisiana, $15,400 in Tennessee, $17,200 in Arkansas and $19,100 in Louisiana.

The most expensive state to file is Michigan, where the average is $23,200, followed by New Jersey, at $18,200.

But the report noted that Michigan also has the most comprehensive health insurance system, offering the nation’s most comprehensive and affordable plan.

The average premium for a plan in Michigan is $11,900, according to the report.

The next-highest premium is in South Dakota, where an average of $16,000 is charged.

It’s also a state where people are most likely to file a claim for coverage because of the high cost of health care in the state.

The state has also ranked as the worst for filing bankruptcy in the country.

A majority of Americans are struggling to pay their medical bills, according the report, with a record 7.7 million Americans struggling to afford medical care.

That’s more than any other state.

“There’s been a lot more discussion around the affordability of health insurance in recent years, and in the last year, there has been a growing push to get a broader set of affordable policies available,” said Jessica Vaughan, a professor of health law and policy at the University of Pennsylvania.

The cost of premiums and deductibles is also on the rise, as is the cost of prescriptions and prescriptions for chronic conditions.

In some states, like Florida, the cost for a prescription medication has jumped nearly 40 percent in the past year, according an Associated Press analysis of medical claims data.

In Nevada, a doctor can charge up to $600 more per visit, while in New York City, a drug benefit can cost as much as $400 per visit.

For a prescription to be covered, a person must have a doctor’s note stating that the medication is effective and will prevent the occurrence of a new, serious illness.

A person could have to pay for it, but the costs would go away, Vaughan said.

“We’re not saying that everyone has to buy this product, but it is something that people should think about and that we should be thinking about.”

Some states are also adding deductibles, like in Alaska, where a $200 deductible for a certain type of medicine can reach $500 for the first month.

The AP analysis showed that the largest group of bankrupt states are in the South and Midwest, which have higher rates of bankruptcy.

New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania and California have higher bankruptcy rates than the Northeast, which is the nation to have the lowest bankruptcy rates.

The poorest state to get into bankruptcy is Vermont, where people pay the least on average.