The most-trusted brands in 2016 are a handful of American multinationals, according to a new study from marketing analytics firm Paralegal Services, which also released its 2017 Consumer Advertising Research and Branding Survey.

That survey, which surveyed a national sample of 1,100 brands from all over the world, showed that only three of the top 10 brands had the most-influenced advertising campaigns, with Facebook, Google, and Instagram serving up nearly two-thirds of all the top-rated advertising campaigns.

The other three companies, however, were Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft, each of which had just four campaigns that garnered more than 1 percent of their ad budgets from fake news.

(Paralegal’s survey also found that most people trust brands that have a negative or neutral relationship with fake news, such as PepsiCo, Pepsi, and McDonald’s.)

Paralegals also found companies like Facebook, Amazon and Instagram that have the lowest-quality advertising campaigns in the study, with a combined average of 0.1 percent of total budgets spent on ads for each of the company’s ads, which the researchers said could be due to “weak brand reputation.”

This means that the brands that are most likely to use fake news as a tool to promote their products and services have the most to lose.