The practice of paying for advertisements is one of the most common ways advertisers use the Google AdSense service.

According to Google, it has been a “huge success” for the company.

Google also said that it paid $3.6 billion for advertising during the first quarter of 2017, making it the most expensive advertising company on the planet.

And it spent $3 billion for the same quarter a year earlier.

The number of advertisements purchased per user in the United States rose 1.5% to $8.1 billion, while the amount of money spent by advertisers fell 1.1% to about $8 billion.

The ad revenue generated by the Google network also rose slightly to $11.6 bn.

The company’s biggest competitor, Microsoft, is not the only one paying for ads with Google.

Facebook also uses the AdSense system to sell ads to users.

Facebook, Facebook, and Google are not the first companies to pay for advertising.

However, their numbers have risen significantly in the past few years.

In 2014, AdSense accounted for a quarter of Google’s ad revenue, while it has grown steadily over the past decade.

And in 2017, it generated about half of Google ads.

However, Google said it will stop paying advertisers in the coming months.

“Advertisers will no longer pay Google for ads that they don’t see,” Google said in a blog post.

“Advertiser feedback will continue to be taken into consideration in making future changes to the system.”

The company also said it is “committed to supporting existing advertisers in order to provide the most efficient advertising experience for their business.”