Hacker News article Hacker news article Hackernews – A hacker, known only as “The Guy,” has been running a dating service advert for over two years, which appears to be part of an elaborate ad network, and advertised a hacker dating service with a name that was apparently a reference to a Chinese dating site called Foursquare.

This was the same dating service advertised on the popular dating website OKCupid.

The dating service’s page was available for people to sign up for and use for free.

Hacker News contacted the hacker, who declined to give his name, but said that the dating service was for a guy in his 30s who had been a customer of the dating site and who is married.

The hacker said he did not want his identity revealed in the ad because it was too embarrassing.

“I am in this service for my own security, but the site and its operators are also a threat to my family,” he said.

“We have been using this service from the start.

I would not want my family members to be exposed.”

In the ad, the hacker advertises a dating site with the same name as OKCups.com, which is also a dating website, and is run by a man in his 40s who is a programmer.

When the hacker contacted the dating company, he said that he had been using the dating website for two years and that he was in his late 30s.

He said that his parents are worried about him and were concerned about him using the website, as he was known as a hacker, but also said that they had not heard of any problems.

The hacker told the hacker’s partner that he did his research into the dating services and that it seemed to be a legitimate dating service.

The partner said that she could see that the hacker was very active and would use the dating platform to get dates.

In an email sent to The Register, the dating firm said that its services are not part of any kind of ad network.

It said that “our services do not provide a service to anyone outside of the userbase, and do not advertise on any website or network that we don’t have an agreement with.”

The dating site said that it had no way of knowing whether or not the hacker had been in contact with the dating network.