CricInfo -1 -1 The NBA has come under fire for not doing enough to comply with the NBA CBA.

However, a new report suggests it may not be a problem if players and owners get behind the idea of advertising in their league.

The New York Times’ Erik Schelzig reports that a group of league owners and players is in discussions to set up a leaguewide ad campaign.

It’s unclear exactly how much advertising will be needed and whether players will be allowed to use their likenesses.

If it’s approved, it could become a key part of a growing trend in professional sports as players take a more active role in promoting their teams.

According to a statement from the NBA, the league will work with advertisers and leagues to develop guidelines for how their advertisements can be used in future seasons.

The league has a long history of trying to promote its brands on social media.

The NBA and other leagues have previously used video to promote games, and the NBA has even hosted events like NBA Awards that are televised live.

A lot of that is to do with the league’s new, more social, approach to advertising.

The League of Legends community has grown to the point that League of Legend player LoL player Ahri was recently featured in a promotional video for an upcoming game called League of the Righteous.

The game, which is coming to the iPhone, iPad, Android and Xbox platforms in 2019, features a new class of character known as the “RoR.”

The player-created characters are a hybrid of melee and ranged characters.

The new character, known as a “hero,” is a hero who can move faster, jump higher and dodge attacks.

Players can play as the character and have a choice of weapons.

The player is then tasked with killing their enemies in order to collect a certain number of gold.

The players are also tasked with protecting the player who collects the gold, which can be earned by killing enemies.

“The goal of the RoR is to ensure that every player has a great time playing League of Heroes,” League of Honor developer Riot Games said in a statement to the Times.

“Our goal is to provide our players with the most enjoyable experience possible.”

The game is a free download on iOS and Android, and will be available for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on March 31.

The team behind League of Rivals has also been promoting the game on social networks.

The company is working with social media influencers and has partnered with popular esports content creators.

“League of Rivals is the first title from our team that allows players to be the star of their own game, making them a part of the story,” League Rival creator and eSports personality James ‘Hank’ Hazzard said in an email.

“We’ve been working with our influencers to create a social game that is focused on the players and their experiences and the way they make the game better.”

According to the NBA’s statement, the team has been in talks with the players for several months.

However it’s unclear if any changes are expected to be made before the league approves the ad campaign this week.

If the league goes forward with the campaign, it will be the first of its kind in sports.

This is the second year in a row the NBA is considering advertising in the league.

In 2017, the NBA decided to expand its sponsorship of NBA All-Star games and began offering merchandise for sale at events like the NBA All Stars Weekend.

The plan is to get more players involved in the advertising efforts as well, and with the number of players growing, the opportunity could become even more appealing.


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