“There is no doubt that health care has a long way to go in the United States,” said David McKeown, the chief executive officer of HealthNet, a company that sells health insurance plans.

McKeown and other health industry executives said the U and other countries have made strides in improving access to health care.

But they pointed out that the U.’s medical system is not fully staffed and that the country still has more than 20 million uninsured.

“There’s not a lot of investment going on in the country that’s going to be enough to make that happen,” McKeynow said.

McKeefe said he believes the United Kingdom, which he referred to as a “nation of miracles,” has made tremendous strides in the past decade and is currently the world leader in health care quality.

The country’s health system is now considered among the world’s most efficient, he said.

HealthNet is not the only health insurance company on the list.

On Monday, the nonprofit National Health Council announced that it had won the top spot on the top 10 list of the biggest health insurers in the nation.

The top five companies on the annual rankings are all based in the New York City area, including Cigna, UnitedHealth Group, United Healthcare, Humana and Aetna.

The other four companies are based in New York state, including Anthem, Cignas, CVS Health and UnitedHealth.