Some 80% or more of American homes don’t currently have a babysitting company or service, according to a new study by a consulting firm.

The report was conducted by Guggenheim Partners, a global consulting firm that specializes in the data analytics and data science industries.

It found that there are now more than 3.5 million jobs in the U.S. related to babysitting, with an estimated value of more than $300 billion.

In addition, nearly 70 million Americans are in the labor force with a full-time job.

The number of adults ages 16-64 working full- or part-time to care for a child who is unable to care on their own is estimated to be at least 1.2 million, with 1.3 million working part- or full- time, according the study.

It’s not clear why the number of working adults is so high, but it could be because most working adults aren’t paying enough to pay for babysitting and child care, said Kevin E. Coker, president of Gugenheim Partners.

It also isn’t clear why there is so much slack in the workforce for babysitters, Coker said.

That’s because many states and the District of Columbia don’t require babysitting as part of their child care requirements.

The study’s authors suggest that states and cities with higher child care costs are more likely to have an underserved labor force.

The study found that most Americans surveyed have not considered a babysitter service as a job.

About 60% of respondents said they had not considered it, with 25% saying they didn’t know.

The survey also found that many people said they were looking for jobs that required a high level of skill and knowledge.

More than half of respondents were unsure about their skill level.

Nearly half of those said they did not know how to set up a service.

About 20% of those surveyed said they would not consider a babysitters job if they didn