A Florida man is suing Facebook after it blocked his ads on the social network.

Mark Lueders, an attorney with Lueder & Assoc, sued Facebook for $25 million over the blockades, saying the company violated his right to free speech.

Facebook denied the blocking claims and said it has a process for removing ads from its website.

In a statement, Facebook said it “will vigorously defend against any lawsuit brought by Mark Luederers,” adding it had a policy to remove ads only when there is a credible risk that a user will commit a crime.

Lueders said Facebook blocked his ad-free account in June after a complaint was filed against the social networking giant.

Facebook said the blocking had nothing to do with Lureders’ legal rights.

The lawsuit seeks damages, and Luedrs claims the blocking violates his First Amendment rights.

Facebook says it is working with Lueser to resolve the issue.

Luesers is seeking damages from Facebook and other defendants, including Google, as well as from the company’s parent company, Facebook.

He is also seeking unspecified injunctive relief.