The Reddit-owned news and information website Reddit has released a new “community” called “Wedding” that is intended to bring together the community’s news and content to promote weddings.

“We’ve been working with the wedding industry to create a new way to reach new audiences and get more people excited about weddings,” said Reddit CEO Ellen Pao.

“Weds are the ultimate destination for weddings, and we’ve designed Wedding to be the most curated, easy-to-use, and affordable venue for weddings ever.”

The new “Wonders” section, which was created as a way to make wedding planning easier and less stressful for wedding hosts, will include wedding videos, weddings photos, and wedding advice.

“The new ‘Wondering’ section will include everything you need to know about planning your wedding, from what to wear, where to park, and how to make a special moment for your partner,” Pao said.

The new section will be available for the next 30 days, and can be found in the “about” section.

The new section, called “wedding,” has been created to bring more people together and make it easier to find and share content from the wedding community, including wedding videos.

The site is currently hosted on the WordPress platform, so users can access content from Reddit as well.