Privacy advocates are calling on the Federal Government to update the way Australians use their personal data in relation to the use of the Government’s service advertising protocol.

In its latest annual report, the Australian Privacy Foundation (APF) warned the Government is falling short in protecting privacy and data integrity as it has been unable to implement a privacy-conscious data architecture.

“As part of its data protection strategy, the Government has made no efforts to protect the privacy of Australians and data breaches in this sector are continuing unabated,” the APF said in its annual report.

“The Government has a responsibility to ensure that data protection standards are high and ensure Australians are confident that they are using the data in a way that is consistent with their privacy and confidentiality expectations.”

The report also recommended the Government work with the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) and other bodies to better address privacy issues.

The APF’s executive director, John McInerney, said it was time the Government acted on privacy and trust issues.

“There is clearly a lack of trust in the Government in the current environment, and that needs to change,” Mr McInnerney said.

“It is the duty of the Federal Parliament to make sure that the Government implements policies and practices that are in the best interests of the Australian people and the way in which their data is being used, and it is important for that to happen as the Government makes decisions that impact on the way they use and store their data.”

The APC is the Government agency responsible for ensuring Australians are satisfied with the way their data was used and how it is being stored.

The Australian Privacy Association is the national association of privacy professionals and advocates.