article A few weeks ago, Facebook acquired the social networking site WhatsApp.

The acquisition gave Facebook access to WhatsApp’s enormous data, and allowed it to build its own messaging app.

But WhatsApp’s messaging app was only available in beta at the time, and the company is now rolling out its app to all users.

The Facebook-WhatsApp deal has some people confused.

Why is Facebook making WhatsApp available in the beta, when the company says the app is in beta?

The company’s not making it easier to install WhatsApp in beta, according to a WhatsApp spokesperson.

Whatsapp will launch with a new app icon, and a new login icon, that will be available to all WhatsApp users.

This is to help people easily navigate through the new app.

Users who do not have a Facebook account will also be able to sign up with an existing Facebook account.

The app is set to launch with more than 100 million users.

WhatsApp is not going to have a lot of people to talk to in the meantime.