The CDC has opened up its online service for Veterans and their families who have been affected by Ebola.

The CDC announced Monday that it has launched the National Veterans Connect to Serve (NVSS) app, which is available to anyone who has been diagnosed with Ebola, or has been exposed to the virus.

The app will allow veterans and their loved ones to get a quick, simple way to get information, get help and connect with other veterans, said Julie Gershoff, director of the National VA Medical Center and VA Medical Group in Columbus, Ohio.

The app is also available to the public for free.

It is one of the first VA apps to be developed specifically for the Ebola response, Gersheim said.

The VA is working with the federal government to build a similar app that will be available soon, she said.

This is a critical time for the veterans and the families affected, said Gers Hoff, a VA medical center official who is a co-founder of the NVSS app.

We can’t let Ebola prevent them from seeing their loved one again, she added.

The first priority should be their well-being.

This will also be a crucial time for our community, as we see a growing number of Americans become ill, and many veterans and loved ones are now seeking help to get back to normal.

Veterans can reach out to their local VA medical centers, according to the VA website.

Gershoff said that the VA will work with other organizations to get the VA app out to veterans as quickly as possible.

The NVSS can help the VA quickly and accurately identify veterans who are exposed to Ebola, Gieshoff said.

The VA said the app is available now to those who have a Social Security number and are registered in the Veterans Benefits Administration (VAWA).