Apple and Twitter have teamed up to ban advertisers from sending SMS and video messages to their users in their apps.

This new move will affect both platforms but the impact is likely to be less severe for Apple and its iPhone users, which are still able to use SMS and videos from third parties.

Google, meanwhile, says it has no plans to ban SMS and calls.

Both companies’ announcements come as mobile phone makers look to rein in advertising revenue by blocking certain messages and ads from reaching their users.

In February, Apple and Facebook said they were working together to tackle spam and other unwanted messages sent to users.

Apple’s move comes after Google announced that it would ban ads sent by third parties on its iOS mobile operating system, which includes WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Google has already blocked many messages sent by spam, including those that contain images and video.

In a blog post, Google’s vice president of product marketing, Eric Walker, said that ads were an important part of the overall mobile ecosystem and were not a replacement for user experience.

“This is an important step in our commitment to deliver better, more relevant mobile experiences for users and advertisers,” Walker wrote.

“While ads are not the same thing as personalized content, we’re taking the necessary steps to ensure that ads are more relevant to our users.”

“This means that Google is taking the lead in developing better ad experiences, but the company will continue to work with industry partners to ensure our ads are as useful to consumers as possible,” he added.

Apple said it will block SMS and text messages from SMS and mobile video advertising services by the end of March, which means that users will no longer be able to send SMS messages to Apple’s iPhone users.

The move will apply to all third party SMS and phone messaging services, and not just those that provide advertising.

Apple has long been one of the few companies that allowed third party advertising.

In 2016, Apple added a feature that allowed users to send text messages to anyone who agreed to send them to that user, and that feature has been available on iOS since March.

In February this year, Apple announced a new feature that lets users send their messages to a number associated with a phone number.

Users can also use Apple Pay to pay for SMS and texts to other users.