A new advertising service aims to help you out with getting your message across, by using the latest technology.

Dublin-based Ram Advertising has launched a new service, which promises to make it easier for brands to reach people.

Dubline-based company Ram Advertising says it has raised over €100,000 in seed funding, which will allow it to expand its technology to a range of markets including ecommerce, marketing, advertising, and sales.

Ram Advertising CEO Paul Kelly says the service is the result of his passion for digital marketing.

“There’s no doubt we want to help brands to grow and create value for their customers,” he said.

“I think the world has changed, the digital age is very disruptive.”

And I’ve seen a lot of companies struggle with the challenges that come with that.

“So the way we think about marketing is to help them grow and to give them a boost in growth.”

Ram Advertising has a clear vision of how the future of advertising is going to look.

“The service will be able to reach an audience of 1 million users across Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and other social networks, Kelly said.

Ram advertising will not only offer an easier way to reach a large number of people, it will also offer a more reliable, secure, and more personalized service.”

We’ve taken a step back to think about the way that we’re going to do things,” Kelly said, adding that the company’s goal is to provide a better experience for its users.

Ram is working on technology that will make advertising more reliable and reliable, he added.

The company’s software will be built around a cloud-based platform, allowing advertisers to manage campaigns from anywhere in the world, with a variety of devices.

Users can register for free for one year, and then the company will start charging for the service.

Once registered, users can then create a personalised ad and use the new advertising platform to promote their products or services.

Ram said it will be available in Ireland from September 1, with more countries to be added in the coming months.

Ram says it is currently working on more countries and countries in the US, Canada, UK, and France to expand the service’s reach.

It is also looking to expand beyond advertising to other types of media, including digital, gaming, social media, and video.

The business is also working on a mobile advertising platform, which could be rolled out to more countries in future.