Google’s AI system is already using facial recognition to identify you as you walk down the street, and the company is now using that to automatically recommend ads to you based on what you see.

Now, Google is testing out a new feature that will automatically recognize what you’re looking at when you’re walking, so that you can be alerted to ads when you see them.

The feature will also warn you when ads start to appear.

It’s part of a larger rollout that Google says is meant to improve its ads for a variety of products from search to YouTube.

This new feature will be available on Google Maps in the next few weeks.

Google says the new feature is the first step in a broader rollout to improve ad-finding for users.

“This feature is a new one for Google Maps, and it will be in the future,” the company said in a blog post.

“We’ll let you know how it works and how it performs.

It will be a part of the next iteration of Google Maps.”

Google says it’s working with local technology firms to ensure the feature is reliable and works as expected.