According to the advertisement guidelines, a spiritual service advertisement must be clearly and unambiguously a medical service advertisement and must comply with the guidelines for medical advertising.

Advertisements for religious, spiritual and moral services are not covered.

Advertising for spiritual and medical services are considered commercial services under the advertising guidelines.

The guidelines for advertising medical services says that a service advertisement cannot include a description of the service or any of the following: The services are covered by a licence; the service is free, low cost or low volume; the services are delivered by a licensed medical practitioner; the patient is entitled to the service on the basis of a licence, a referral from a licensed practitioner or a written agreement from a person authorized to provide the service; or the service requires the payment of a fee.

In other words, if an advertisement uses the words “health services”, the advertisements must be clear and unambiguous.

The ad also states that medical advertisements must not mislead the public about the quality of the health service provided.