The NHL announced Friday that it has purchased Ble Ad, a global technology company that provides integrated advertising solutions for the NHL.

Ble Ad was founded in 2004 and was purchased by the NHL in 2009 for $1.4 billion.

The team said that the move will allow it to offer its ad network to more fans and more sports.

“We have always had an emphasis on our advertising business, and the acquisition of Ble Ad is another step in our long-term commitment to the growth of our brands and our fan experience,” NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said in a statement.

“I’m thrilled that we have the opportunity to be part of Ble Advertising.”

Ble Ad was created by former Microsoft employee Paul Cusumano.

He and former NBA commissioner David Stern worked together at Netscape, and Stern is now chairman of Ble.

He left Netscape to become chairman and CEO of AOL.

Ble Ad has been around since 1998.

It offers a suite of advertising solutions that include interactive online experiences, digital video and video content, and video advertising, among other services.

The NHL was the first team to offer an integrated advertising solution in 2008, with the team’s “BleAd-to-fan” advertising program.

The league has since expanded the program to include more brands, including the Los Angeles Kings, the New York Rangers and the Minnesota Wild.

BleAd’s technology is designed to be accessible to more people, Bettman told reporters Friday.

The company’s technology allows advertisers to reach their audiences without having to be in person, as well as provide the flexibility to scale to meet changing audiences.

Ble ad has been offering the NHL’s digital advertising solution since 2010.

The service has been available for a few months in the NHL, but Bettman did not name any markets that Ble Ad would offer advertising in.

Ble ad is expected to be available to the NHL as part of its new partnership with the NHL Network.