An ad-hoc network of hoodoo-related services and tools has been set up to help NHL players negotiate with the NHLPA and the NHL’s National Hockey League Players’ Association in exchange for additional benefits and perks.

The network, dubbed NHL Hoodoo, was set up by NHL Players Association representative Jeff Blashill, who has been in talks with the league’s players association since last week, according to league sources.

Blashill said in a statement that the partnership was a result of his continued efforts to reach out to NHL players and offer services that benefit the game.

Blackill said that Hoodoo has helped him and his players “receive a fair and equitable compensation package, while also improving player experience.”

Blash, who said the league has made a series of strategic changes, has been working with NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr since last Thursday to “explore ways to bring more revenue to the league.”

“The partnership is about improving player experiences and making our game better,” Blashilaid in a separate statement.

“Our players have consistently made it clear that they want a fair, competitive game that provides them with a fair chance to win.

As the head of the NHL Players’ Players Association, I look forward to working with the National Hockey Association and the players union to create a new and improved hockey experience for everyone.”

A portion of the revenue generated from the Hoodoo network would be put to good use, according the statement.

Blishill said Hoodoo would not be used for player salaries, but for other NHL-related purposes.

The Hoodoo team said that the network will continue to work with NHL and NHLPA officials to “make sure all players are getting the services and benefits that are needed to get to their next level.”

Blahill also said Hoodoom was “a unique opportunity for the NHL to share a platform and connect with its fans” to help them better understand the game and its players.

Blaise, who grew up in Montreal and played for the Montreal Canadiens and the Montreal Wanderers, is expected to announce his candidacy for the seat on the NHL side of the union next week.