The WA Government has announced $3 million to help support graphic advertising in the state, with the funding to be spent on advertising services including paid placement and paid digital media.

Key points:WA Government announced it would invest $3m in graphic advertising over four yearsThe $3M funding will be spent across the stateThe announcement comes just weeks after WA Premier Colin Barnett announced a $3 billion investment to boost WA’s digital economyThe funding is part of a $100 million state budget for digital economy and innovation.WA’s Deputy Premier Jill Hennessy said the funding would support businesses and small businesses who are looking to expand their online presence and provide services to consumers.

“The WA Government is committed to providing WA’s businesses with the resources they need to deliver the digital economy that we all want,” Ms Hennessie said.

“This funding will help support businesses in the WA digital economy to attract, retain and grow their workforce.”

“This will support businesses that are looking for the best digital strategy to succeed, grow and succeed.”

With the right digital strategy, it is possible for an employer to retain and retain and recruit staff who are passionate about their work.

“Key pointsWA Premier Colin Barnard said the state would invest in digital advertising in 2017, 2018 and 2019State and local government will get a slice of the revenueThe WA State Government will spend $100m over four fiscal yearsThe funding will support the WA Government to provide digital services for businesses and local councils, including a range of advertising, digital and mobile advertising services.”

In 2017, 2017, 2019 and 2020, WA Government will provide the resources and support that are required to create a digital economy for all, from small businesses and individuals to the state government and local governments,” Ms Penner said.

Mr Barnett said he was pleased the funding had been allocated.”

It’s good news that the WA Budget provides $100million to help us deliver a digital future for the state and its people,” he said.’

A bit of history’The WA Federal Government last year announced it had announced $9 million in digital funding, which is now in the budget.