Google has removed ads from its popular search results page after an investigation into complaints.

The company said on Tuesday it had begun the process of removing ad space from search results for advertisers.

It was not immediately clear whether the adverts were the same ones that were removed by Google last year when it was found to be a major money-making operation for the company.

The adverts are no longer available in search results, and Google has also removed links to them from its Google Shopping service.

“We are working to remove the ads from our search results,” a Google spokesperson said in a statement.

“The ads in question were removed due to concerns over their impact on search rankings.”

A spokesman for the US Federal Trade Commission said it was looking into the complaints.

“I want to be clear that we do not know exactly how many advertisers have been impacted by this issue, but it does appear that the number of complaints is quite large,” the spokesman said.

“These ads are no more in our search result pages.”‘

Google should be ashamed’The FTC said it had received over 1,200 complaints since the search giant first reported the problem in September.

Google has not commented on the complaints, but its official Twitter account said the company was “disappointed”.

“We have a responsibility to the thousands of partners who rely on Google to provide the world with the most relevant and relevant content and ads,” the account said.