Google has announced it is to begin offering a free pool service called PoolAds that allows users to advertise their business, home or office on their own website.

The pool service will be available to users in the US and Canada, where the Google AdSense platform is used.

PoolAd has been used by companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to promote their businesses and businesses offer their services to advertisers.

Advertisers will be able to post a video of themselves and a pool of people who are looking to advertise on the service, along with a quote from a qualified pool professional, which can then be sold to customers on the platform.

The Google PoolAd is not the first time Google has attempted to connect with the pool community.

Google launched the PoolAd in May 2016, and offered the service as a free option to all Google users.

Google says that in the first six months, over 250,000 people have signed up to use the service.

The PoolAd service will also allow users to sell advertisements to users.

The PoolAd ads will be placed on a website that the users own and control, and will be purchased with the money earned by the ads.

Ads for the Pool Ad service will run for six months and can be paid for through a Google Pay account.

Google is looking to attract a large number of users to the service to help it gain traction with advertisers.

The company says it has over 200 million active users, and that it expects to reach 1 billion active users by 2020.