A new report from the Digital Advertising Alliance shows that Google Adsense generated $8.2 million of revenue in 2016, a 20 percent increase from 2015.

The ad revenue is mostly coming from advertisers who use Google AdWords, the company’s paid advertising service.

But there are also plenty of advertisers who are using other tools, such as advertising networks, social networks, or third-party services.

That means Google is using AdSense to monetize the value of its services, rather than simply building up a strong reputation for its ads.

AdSense, which has seen a surge in popularity since Google acquired it in 2014, has seen an average of 5 percent growth in revenue per year.

Advertising networks have historically used AdSense as a way to build up relationships with brands.

For example, AdSense is often used by publishers to promote their own content to their audience.

This means that if a publisher has a good relationship with a brand, they can make money from that relationship.

But with AdSense’s free trial period, publishers can buy AdSense-branded ads at a lower cost than using traditional advertising networks.

That may sound like a win for publishers, but it also makes Google Adwords more susceptible to competition.

As a result, publishers are increasingly finding ways to use AdSense for their own ads, and not to support Google’s paid services.

For example, the ad network GVN is using Google AdWord to sell ads to the media giant, according to an article by Bloomberg.

In an effort to gain some revenue from Google, AdWords was purchased by GVn in 2015.

That deal meant that Google would get to control the ad market for its own ads.

But this means that Google’s advertising networks are now increasingly competing with each other for the attention of advertisers.

While AdSense revenue is increasing, Google is also being less selective about what advertisers are able to use.

That means Google’s ad networks are competing with one another to get advertisers to pay to use their products.

In fact, Google may be paying more for AdSense than it did for Google Plus in the past.

AdSense has also seen a resurgence in usage over the past few years.

According to Adwords.com, the total number of users increased by 13 percent year over year in 2016.

The number of paid users grew by 21 percent, according the same report.

Google is seeing a lot of growth with AdWords users, which is good for advertisers who want to use the service to grow their revenue.