What if the ads you see on social media are misleading?

That’s the dilemma that some dental practice owners are facing.

A new report published by Consumer Reports suggests that the dentists you see at your dental office might not be accurate, at least when it comes to their advertising strategies.

The report’s authors looked at five major dental practices, including three in the United States and one in Mexico, and determined that only three dental practices had a positive relationship with ads.

The only other dental practice in the survey that showed a positive correlation with ads was a Florida clinic that offers a $300-per-month dental plan to the public.

And only two of the five dentists in the study reported that they had ever received a complaint about a dental professional that they were unable to solve within 30 days.

Consumers are entitled to expect more from their dentists, and they deserve the best of both worlds.

However, when it’s not accurate, you should be wary of your dentist’s advertising. 1 of 4