A new advertorial campaign from a physician’s advertising company is making its mark on patients and their families.

It’s calling out the need for physicians to advertise and promote their services to make sure the people who pay for them are well-informed.

“There are some things that you can do in order to make it easier for people to get the best care,” said Dr. Peter Maverick, president and CEO of the American College of Physicians.

“And I think what you’re going to see is physicians getting in touch with consumers and saying, ‘Well, I can do this to make this process easier for you,'” said Maverich.

“They can say, ‘I’m going to get in touch to get your contact information.’

And we’re going get that information, so you can actually get your bill paid.”

The ad is aimed at patients who have a history of medical debt, as well as those with complex medical conditions.

For patients who are already in debt, Mavericks says they should have a plan to manage their finances, including a way to defer payments.

“You know, sometimes you have a medical condition that makes it really difficult to pay off your medical debt,” said Maversick.

“So you want to make that process as easy as possible for people, so that they can stay in their home and they can get the help they need.”

The advertising campaign comes at a time when doctors are struggling to keep up with the rising demand for services from consumers.

A recent survey by the American Medical Association found that the number of Americans who are seeing a physician has increased by more than half in the past three years, and that the share of people who see a doctor has risen by a third.

Maveriks advertising campaign also targets women and people with disabilities.

“I’m very excited about this,” said Lisa Kowalski, president of the National Association of Public Health Policy Directors.

“This is an opportunity to make people aware that they have a choice in the health care system, and the choice they have is to go to the doctor and get the care they need.

This is a real opportunity for the American public to have access to the best health care.”

The National Association for Public Health Policies represents public health policy leaders and experts across the country, from state and local officials, to medical associations, to nonprofits, and health care providers.