In an ad posted to YouTube, a company advertises its emergency services broadcast service.

The video shows the ad for a local ambulance and a private paramedic ambulance.

The ad is about a call that someone may need to take during an emergency.

The company offers the service at a discounted rate of Rs. 20.

The clip also shows the video of a local hospital emergency response team responding to an incident at the hospital.

The channel offers the emergency services in an interactive video format.

The channels’ videos have over 2 million views and have received over 50 million views.

Advertisers Broadcast Services Advertising platforms like YouTube and Vimeo have been in the news for running ads in the videos of police.

In December, Vimeo was fined Rs. 2 crore by the Central Information Commission (CIC) for running an advertisement for a police station in the footage of a police action.

The CIC said that YouTube had failed to take responsibility for running the advertisement.

A similar case involving Aditi Bhattacharya’s video that has over 4 million views, has prompted Aditi to take legal action against YouTube.

The advertisement in her video has become the subject of several complaints.

The videos have been shared on social media and the video has been shared several times on social networking sites.

The ads are meant to promote the channel, according to Aditi, but the channel has been criticised for running them in the context of a major police action in the city.